Welcome to The Language Co-op!

Who we are:  The Language Co-op (TLC) offers a tutorial-based framework through which international persons, both student and non-student, can improve and enrich their use of English for everyday living. TLC is an independent, local service business.

What we do:  We provide personalized tutorials that help our clients with English speaking, writing, and comprehension. We also offer assistance with local culture and area resources. Tutorial sessions are held by appointment in The Language Co-op’s office based in the International Center building, which is conveniently located at 523 N. Russell Street mid-campus.

How we work:  We offer 50-minute (regular) or 80-minute (extended) sessions for both individuals and groups. Tutorial content is designed for specific purposes and goals, which the tutor and the client identify together in a brief, no-cost introductory meeting. From this information, the tutor creates content that will address the client’s needs at scheduled tutorials.

How you can begin with The Language Co-op:

  1. Learn more about The Language Co-op.  Click the “About” and “Fees” links above to obtain more information about TLC services, its director, and the sessions fees. Then email us (by clicking the “Contact” tab above)  to book your introductory session. We respond quickly.
  2. Visit TLC upstairs at the Int’l Center.  Introductory sessions are 30-minutes long and free. Your tutor will help you fill out a brief survey of your background and ESL experience, then chat with you about how The Language Co-op can help you reach your goals. TLC policies are covered in this session
  3. Schedule your regular tutorial time at The Language Co-op. Then hurry here and let TLC tutorials help you find your own way to make your days in West Lafayette more comfortable and productive!

1-2-3  It is just that simple.

Schedule your first appointment now by clicking on the “Contact”  link above and filling in the short contact form. A response will be sent as quickly as possible (usually same day). 

Get started today!